About M J. Designs

Michelle J Oliver is a British International Interior Designer for the past fourteen years and has lived and worked in California for the past six. She has worked for very prestigious Interior Design company's - Partner and Senior Designer at Lulu Nikola Designs, UK, Principal Designer at Chelsea Interiors, UK, Senior Designer at Interior Spaces Santa Monica USA and Senior Designer at Deborah Davis Designs, Hollywood USA. Over the years Michelle has had lots of experience in different types of interior projects including residential, commercial, involved in construction, creating architectural plans for clients with variable budgets. Many of these projects over the last six years were located in the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica etc and working with Deborah Davis Designs gave her an opportunity to work on projects in her home town London, UK. 

"It has been a wonderful experience and very diverse designing in both the US and the UK. Immediately after completing my Bachelor Honorary Degree at the University of the West of England, I started working professionally for Lulu Nikolai Designs. I worked at this Interior Design company for five amazingly valuable years becoming Partner and Senior Designer. I moved away in 2002 to become a freelance designer working on projects all over the UK, from apartments in Westminster, London, to penthouses in Cardiff, Wales. In 2004, I decided to cross the atlantic and relocate to Southern California to pursue success in my career, West side" 

Michelle J Oliver's portfolio of work is as diverse as the houses and locations she has worked on, she believes this shows a flexibility and adaptability in her design style. She is an experienced and creative designer and also very sensitive to her clients needs, their home, their business and ideals. Michelle believes her authentic talent lies in her understanding of color, pattern, texture and ultimately combining all these elements to create a well balanced and harmonious space.

Textile design is her first passion and from this Michelle had a unique understanding of color; Michelle's design degree completed in 1997 was in textile design. During University she worked as a freelance textile designer and was successful in selling work to Harrods and Sanderson. Michelle has had a lot of hands on experience in faux finishing and loves to work on site creating unique custom wall designs, murals and very much enjoys creating custom fabrics. 

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