Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Modern interpretations of the traditional African Interiors 

Stephen Falcke

A modern interpretation of the traditional African trophy head

Bamileke Feather Headdress.

African bowls are traditionally crafted with grasses as a functional item

A traditional hat worn by Zulu women to indicate their married status; create an original art display by stacking them on a table or mounting on a wall.

All the above cool stuff is from Safari Fusion 

Friday, 23 March 2012


I have a design forecast! 
I always get a vibe on an up-and-coming textile design or maybe its just that I'm feeling inspired by these designs?
I'm really enjoying researching African textiles and I can absolutely see how these designs could be utilized into todays home.
You heard it here first haha 

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Thursday, 22 March 2012


The zigzag is taking on a new dimension, its much more then just the solid two colored zag we're used to seeing in interiors, on rugs, drapes etc its much more abstract, disjointed and with Technicolor's and all the colors of the rainbow AND I can't seem to get these jagged, triangles, peaks, zigzags patterns out of my head. Whenever I'm perusing the internet I find it on Textiles, Art, Photography. I've even started designing some sort of zigzag, peaky thing for my own home but I ask who started it? It must come from fashion, Missoni maybe or was it the Art first? If anyone can enlighten me as to why I am addicted to these shapes that would be great, 

Tower Of Power 

 In A cabin in the woods Art

Chevron Forest

Suspended Pyramid
Space Mountain
All of the above by Hallwood

Nothing More by Wesley Bird

Missoni Home - Kew Cushion - T59 - 40x40cmMissoni Home - Narboneta Cushion - 159 - 40x40cmMissoni Home - Naciria/Nuh Cushion - 164 - 30x30cm
Missoni Home - Lobos Cushion - T140 - 40x40cmMissoni Home - Noceda Patchwork Cushion - 159 - 80x80cmMissoni Home - Passiflora Cushion - T59 - 40x40cmMissoni Home - Nancho Cushion - 159 - 40x40cmMissoni Home - Jarris Cushion - 156 - 40x40cmMissoni Home - Narboneta Embroidered Cushion - 159 - 60x60cm

cole and son volte-face
Cole and Son Volte-Face Wallpaper

Technicolor Southwest Chevron by Joan McLemore

Sandra Dieckmann

large product image
Anna Sui