Thursday, 23 February 2012


Regency was the original theme my friend thought she would like to go for, I threw a little Hollywood into the mix to see if it appealed. 

Wallpaper from Rockett St George

Splashes of colour 

Love this image so much and which ever option she goes for I want to have an Art wall.

Wallpaper from Rockett St George

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I'm currently helping a friend with her living room, its great fun she is in London and I am in LA, we get to skype loads so I'm loving it. I came up with a few styles and themes for her because she's really not sure which direction she wants to go. She is very proud to be a Londoner so one of the design boards I made up for her had a real London vibe — 

British interior designer Jo Berryman 

Who hasn't seen this image before, its been on every blog and rightly so! I can't get enough of the designer Jenny Komenda, an inspiration.




 Farrow & Ball paint colours 


Cool gray and a pop of colour - Jo Berryman 

I also created a Natural look and a Bohemian collection of photos to help her decide the right vibe for her flat; I will post them next so please came back, 

Monday, 20 February 2012


 What's really cool about Art Australia Art, particularly in Melbourne, the Art Series Hotels where you can live, breathe, sleep and bathe in Art. How cool is this, the hotel is inspired by an Artist and NAMED after the Artist, their work is the influenced for the hotel design and vibe!

View from the Penthouse, Nice! 

The Cullen a five star hotel located in Prahran, Melbourne is inspired by Adam Cullen Australia's most exciting contemporary artist and the hotel features loads of original artwork and prints, now thats an amazing commission!  



View of inside the Penthouse

Rent a smart car while you stay! 

The Olsen - inspired by John Olsen

The Blackman - Charles Blackman

Blackman is my preferred Artist out of the lot, who's yours? Answer the question and if answered correctly you'll win?

Art Series Hotels recently did a crazy marketing stunt 'Steal Banksy' steal it and you get to keep it, all $15,000 of it! That will help pay for your stay at this lavish five star hotel. Check out the link Art Series Hotels to see how the thieves did it, nice one ladies!