Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Friday, 20 January 2012

Ceiling, Walls and floor - its all white!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Frozen Yogurt anyone?

I've been back and forth to my 'Twist' Frozen Yogurt Project over the last month, taking a few snap shots to keep track on its progress. 

Its finally starting to take shape! 

Progress; mid June 

Progress in August; walls all primed and ready for paint.

 I went over the paint specification with the client and painter, this is becoming more and more fun! 

Todays visit was a little different for me because I had a little helper. I'm so lucky my clients have become good friends and totally understand that sometimes there's nothing else you can do. Fortunately, my little one was on his best behaviour and actually loved his on site meeting. 

We hung the amazing ceiling fixtures and I was ecstatic, its looking so good! 

More photos of the finial project to come soon! 

Monday, 16 January 2012

New Blog and a little about me! 
(very quick little bit as it makes me feel really uncomfortable, yuck)

I've been living in LA for eight years.
I am originally from London. 
I have very long hair ha.

I love taking photographs and particularly photos textures.
I am an instagram addict. 

I am a Art lover and work for an Artist helping with his blog,  website which is just being launched today and the sales of his limited addition prints (this happens to be with my husband) 

I enjoy designing children's rooms and creating textiles for little ones.

I love iconic imagery, people and fashion.

I am an Interior Designer and this is how my house will look eventually

This is my crazy house (so different to what we're used too) and this is how my house looked when we moved in. 
Not much has changed since then haha but I am hoping this year the design will get underway.

This is my life!


This is an experiment to see if me thumbnail changes, please work god dame it! It silly and probable a very long winded way around things but I am hoping it will work! If so, I'll be making sure the design of this blog is exceptional but until then I do not have time to design as today is the day we launch my husbands amazing web site, store and blog so its all hands on deck, I'm needed.